Retirement Solutions
We take a personal approach to your retirement saving and spending needs. Since different Investors have acquired retirement savings in a number of different ways, the ‘cookie cutter’ approach is not always the best way. We offer Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Simple Plans, Individual 401Ks, and many more.

College Funding
College funding has become quite a challenge over the past two decades. For most families the “pay as you go” approach is probably in the rear view mirror. Whether you are considering funding private or public college, careful planning is needed several years before. We offer a variety of college investment accounts.

Tax Planning
Whether you are looking for estate planning strategies, trying to manage your marginal tax rate, or investing for charity gifting to loved ones, Northeast Equity Research can guide you through the difficult path.

Our personal approach to insurance can help you buy a business, protect future generations, or protect your assets.

Your Foundation is a reflection of your firm, your ideals, and your personality. We can help you build it, grow it, and give away charitable gifts where you see fit.

Cash Flow Solutions
Sometimes because of work or family, circumstances are unique. The one size fits all strategy simply does not work. Whether it’s a family business or complex medical situation we can help design a specific winning strategy for you.